For many people, Whistler is a snowy getaway full of skiing and hot chocolate in the winter and an adventurous mountain bikers’ dream in the summer. When you first step onto the cobblestone streets between busy restaurants and the laid-back vacationers, you’ll notice right away that there is something very special about this place. Whether it’s the variety of people who come from all over the world or the atmosphere that surrounds them – Whistler is without a doubt a magical place. For these Tamlin clients, this is their home.

In December 2017, when we were first contacted about building the dream home for a local Whistler couple, we knew this would be a full-time home that would have to provide years of enjoyment and a life-time of memories.

After meeting with Chris Lynn- one of Tamlin’s owners- the couple expressed their desire for a simple, clean and modern style home with expansive windows to allow for maximum amounts of light and mountain views. While the homeowners were originally attracted to the “Georgia Strait Plan”, it quickly became a fully custom home as slight modifications became larger structural changes. The result was a much more functional home which was customized for the couple’s lifestyle, growing family, and lot configuration.

The extra time spent on planning and design, along with a focus on working within a budget was worth all the effort. This home is currently at the framing stage under construction.

Although the building site is flat, one unique challenge which was overcome involved connecting the house to the sanitary system. The best solution was using structural fill to bring the elevation of the lot up which also allowed for a “gravity” fed sanitary connection rather than a pump system. There were also local fire regulations which had to be met due to the location of the property, and this was solved by utilizing non- combustible sidings.

In order for the home building process to run smoothly, communication is important. Luckily, the home owners have made it easy as they have provided immediate feedback, written confirmations, and made very few change orders. Moreover, they have had realistic expectations throughout the process. Chris and the homeowners have built a professional relationship and a friendship.

The entire main house is about 3000 square feet with a 650 square foot suite for future family or rental use. The house is expected to be finished late summer or early fall of this year. Keep an eye on our website gallery for this home as we can hardly wait for finished photos.

Whistler is a resort town which is famous world-wide. Not only is it a vacation spot for travelers, it is also a popular place for international buyers. Tamlin is a licensed builder in Whistler. If you are interested in designing a home and building in Whistler, please visit our Whistler Home Page for more information.


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