Here Are 22 Things Tamlin Does Better.

 Tamlin Is An Industry Leader!

Tamlin has been building homes since 1977. We’ve worked hard for our clients and earned our reputation as an industry leader in custom home building. Building beautiful homes and providing superior customer service are what we do.

Tamlin will exceed your expectations — all the time.

 We Build All Contemporary And Traditional Home Styles

Tamlin’s beautiful wood features are one of our hallmarks. We know how to incorporate natural wood into any style of home. But our design and building process goes way beyond “wood.” We have the expertise to build your home in any style — with the custom floor plans, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail we are known for.

To view our portfolio of projects, click here.

 We Handle The Entire Build — From Concept To Completion (Design-Build)

Tamlin is a full-service builder. We have the in-house experts to handle your complete home building process — from concept all the way through to the final inspections. Interior finishings included. Our goal is to make the building or renovation process hassle-free for our clients — we can even assist with finding real estate and arranging financing.

To learn more about Tamlin’s Design-Build process, click here.

 We Answer All Your Questions Before You Even Hire Us!

We want your experience with us to be positive. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation before you hire us. We believe that even if you decide that building is not the way to go, we have done our best to educate you about the process. We don’t mind taking the time to answer your questions and show you examples of previous builds we have done.

We have had potential clients come in for a consultation, sometimes several and then decide the timing isn’t right. Then have those same people come back years later and say “We are ready now, let’s build.” We have also had people decide it’s not feasible to build at all, but instead recommend us to their friends.

 We Help Ensure Your Plans Are Realistic And On-Budget

Prior to drawing your plan we like to know what budget you are considering for your home.

We need to know early on what your budget is as there is no point in drawing you a home that will cost a million dollars if you have $500,000 to build. All that would do is cause disappointment and that is not what our goal is.

 We Help Arrange Financing

We have ongoing relationships with several banks and credit unions, including RBC Royal Bank and Dominon Lending Centres. We have helped numerous clients find the best funding for them and negotiate financing through the construction period and beyond.

 We Can Design Your Home

Our team of in house designers are gifted at “seeing your vision.” Often, our clients have a fairly clear idea of the style and floor plan of the home the want to live in.

Our designers have the experience to make recommendations on the functionality of the home design while ensuring you are pleased with the house plans.

After years of drawing homes, there aren’t too many things our designers have not seen and drawn. This is a huge benefit as our designers see plans a different way than most of us.

To sum up our design process, first we consult with you, then we do a site visit and code and zoning analysis, then we start designing your home to your lot considerations and budget, until it is just right.

 We Visit Your Lot 

We always make a site visit to your lot. This is important as there are many factors involved in how a home will be situated on the lot, what kind of foundation it should have, what direction will it face, what direction do you want it to face, among other considerations.

 We Look Out For Your Interests

We conduct a building code and zoning compliance analysis to ensure that the lot you have, or are looking at, is able to accommodate the style and size of home you are wanting. The last thing we would want to see happen is for us to design your dream home and find out it cannot be put on the lot.

 We Have A Great Long-Term Team And Network Of Trusted Sub Trades

Tamlin employs senior designers, draftsmen, project managers and project coordinators, site supervisors and a huge network of trusted sub trades. Tamlin also has journeymen timber frame artisans that manufacture all of our own timbers. Most of our employees have been with Tamlin for 10 plus years and all have the common goal of exceeding your expectations. We encourage professional development and teambuilding in our company and always expect all of our employees and sub trades to take safety seriously and adhere to all WorkSafe BC rules.

 We Will Show You What We Build

Tamlin’s office, located in Coquitlam BC, is our Show Room where we can show our clients and potential clients plans, schedules, manufacturing etc. on the boardroom television that is streamed from the computer. We can also meet remotely with our clients via video where you can see what is on our computer screens in the comfort of your own home or office when it isn’t possible to make it into Tamlin. Our show facility also is constructed with the same timber components we build for our clients, it’s a great way to be able to see and touch the stunning timbers prior to making any decisions whether you would like timber in your home.

 We Manufacture And Test-Fit Your Pieces Before Building

Our facility houses a custom timber frame manufacturing plant. Our team of journeymen timber frame artisans manufacture some of the most beautiful timber frame structures right in our facility. We test fit all components prior to installing them on site to ensure they are perfect. We have a mill that re-saws reclaimed wood that we sometimes get requests to use instead of the clear #1 grade, free of heart center wood that we normally use for our timber components. If your home has timber components in it, it is great to stop by the plant and see it being manufactured and test fitted prior to going into your home. Since Tamlin has these timber frame capabilities, our designers are experts in drawing the timber components into our plans. There aren’t any other companies out there that can design for timber, then manufacture it in house and then send the same crew that manufactured it, to your site to install it!

 We Control Your Project With Powerful Construction Software And Project Tracking

Gone are the days of using excel spreadsheets to estimate and track projects. Tamlin uses the UDA Construction Suite software program to estimate and track all projects. This powerful tool that was built for the construction industry can run schedules, contracts, allowance reports, client reports and track a project thoroughly. Our team of project managers and coordinators are expert at inputting all the necessary data from your project and to keep organized and more importantly, in control of all aspects of the build.

 We Have Expertise With Using Eco Friendly Products & Approaches

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to use as many Eco Friendly Products as possible. This could be low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and stains, Roxul insulation, a woven fire resistant and sound dampening insulation that is mold and mildew resistant, will not burn or release toxins into the air, geothermal heating and cooling for energy efficiency, along with any other Eco Friendly healthier components that you would like to use.

 We Are Strict – For Your Protection

As with all builders in BC, we must adhere to the strict warranty policies set out by the National Home Warranty Program and be a certified under the BC Housing home warranty program. Tamlin takes this very seriously and ensures we are always in good standing with both of these corporations. Tamlin is also in good standing with WorkSafe BC and insists that anyone who sets foot on our site is also in good standing. All of our sub-trades must have liability insurance as well.

 We Document Detailed Specifications For Your Home

As we move through the budgeting of your home, we provide you with a detailed specification sheet that shows all components of your home. This includes HVAC, paint colors, millwork, lighting and plumbing fixtures, trim finishes, siding type and colors, roofing material, along with all other components of your home. Between the home owner and Tamlin, we outline everything so that you have documentation of all items going into your home.

 We Have Substantial Purchasing Power

Tamlin builds many homes a year and this gives us substantial saving from our suppliers. We have a large network of suppliers that are very loyal to us. This not only provides substantial savings, it also enables us to sometimes go to the ‘front of line’ when we need supplies quickly.

 We Provide You With Your Warranty Binder

We provide our clients with a detailed warranty binder that has all warrantied components of your home in it. This includes the 2-5-10 year warranty that Tamlin must provide for your home. It also contains warranty information for furnaces, hot water heaters, lighting, plumbing etc. It’s meant to be a quick reference for maintenance and specifications in case of warranty needs.

 We Do More Than Build Just Houses

Tamlin not only builds beautiful homes, we also ship premium materials packages all over the world. We can ship a house package to almost anywhere and then you can construct it, have someone else construct or have Tamlin construct it remotely. Our home packages are complete with all the same high quality components we use in our locally built homes. 

 We Are Experts At Major Renovations

We are happy to do major renovations that can give your home a brand new look. This can be accomplished by changing the entire exterior and interior of the home. Again, this is where our designers are amazing at looking outside the box and coming up with a renovation that can add substantial value to your home, not to mention give you a beautiful home to enjoy again. Our team-process helps take the stress out of dreaded large renovation projects.

To view our portfolio of renovations, please click here.

 We Can Retrofit Timbers To Your Existing Building

Tamlin can add timber to your existing building without having it be structural. This is called retrofitting and involves adding timbers on top of your dry walled areas and “planting” it on. This can give the look of a timber frame, without the cost of tearing your home apart to add it.

 We Have Been Complimented On Our Understanding Of Energy Efficiency & The New BC Building Code

With the new BC Building Code in effect now, Tamlin has been complimented by The Province and permit departments for the effort we have put into learning about the new requirements. We have taken courses on them and educated our staff so that we can account for the new requirements both from a budgetary standpoint and an efficiency standpoint, ensuring our plans do not get caught up in the permit process because they are not thorough enough. A bit of effort on our part has already paid off immensely in time and headaches waiting for permits to be approved.

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