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Tamlin is a licensed builder with experience in both residential and commercial projects. Our marketing, design and administration staff love working out of our show office in Coquitlam B.C. The unique west coast timber frame elements help provide a tranquil and inspiring setting to work in.


“Thank you for making it happen – from listening to us, to conceptualizing it all on paper, to managing crews and resources, to delivering a beautiful house – you made it happen!”  Sofia McGowan – Galiano Island

Our awarding winning team is captained by our owners Chris Lynn and Paul Tabuchi, each with over 30 years’ experience in the building industry (over 20 of those with Tamlin). Both Chris and Paul started with Tamlin as employees, then partners, and finally took over full ownership of the company when the senior partners retired in 2008. This seamless transition allowed for continued growth of the company. Chris and Paul’s hands on management style and willingness to step in and assist at any stage of the project is one of the factors that sets Tamlin apart from our competitors. It is not unusual to see one of them on site working with the sub-trades or meeting with owners.

“Kudos to Chris and Paul for their dedication and leadership in the industry.”  – Crag’s End Construction



The Tamlin team comprises 15-20 full and part time staff at our head office in Coquitlam. This is our Design and Construction Management team.  Our partner companies include the Alliance Group (Engineered Trusses, Wall Panel Division) in Abbotsford, BC., and Horace Engineering/Nuframe (multi-unit) in Surrey, BC. The partner group totals over 175 employees. 

Tamlin is fortunate to have many long term team members, both employees (the majority have been with us 10 years or more) and sub-trades that work with us because of the company’s commitment to excellence in service and product. In the building industry where the time frame from conceptualization to delivery and construction often spans many months or even years the personal involvement and continual dedication and support of everyone involved in a Tamlin project has allowed us to become a recognized leader in customer service.

In-House Staff

The company’s in-house design staff have building technology and architectural design backgrounds, building code knowledge and on-site building experience. Over the years Tamlin’s award-winning design team have been involved in a wide range of projects including custom city residences, remote/resort cottages and facilities, daycare and treatment centers, multifamily buildings, and other commercial projects.

Tamlin also has an in-house project manager and project coordinator who typically manage the construction of each building from start to completion.  They are involved with meetings at an early stage to establish a good working relationship which helps with continuity of communication throughout the building process.  A typical scope of work would include coordination of sub trades and professionals, building inspections, on site supervision, jobsite safety, construction schedules, installation methods, cost control, and numerous day-to-day responsibilities to meet owner expectations.

Tamlin strives to provide realistic budgets based on our experience, and information available at the time. Tamlin also uses its own in-house estimators, suppliers, sub trades and professionals to help formulate budgets. For all construction jobs the key issues of quality, cost and time (building schedule) must be considered. The owner’s direction, feedback, and agreed upon adjustments along the way are paramount to arriving at a budget that provides the owner and builder with achievable targets.

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Subtrades and Suppliers

Over the years Tamlin has developed a dependable group of subtrades and suppliers. The company has over 200 skilled subtrades and reliable suppliers, all within the close proximity of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of B.C. Since 1977 Tamlin has been involved in hundreds of local, remote and international building projects.

As a recognized and established builder, Tamlin has a close relationship with all of its trades, manufacturers, and building product suppliers. The advantage of this network is as follows:

• Reliability and integrity
• Product selection and training
• Quality installation
• Dependable speed of delivery
• Competitive pricing with builder discounts
• Industry expertise, and technical support
• Personal attention to details of each project
• Accuracy of estimates and actual costs
• Meeting Builder expectations for product and customer service
• Ability to react to changes in scope of work, specifications
• Practical Applications, which are project specific
• Meaningful recommendations, warranties, after service and maintenance

Depending on the scope of work of each project, Tamlin can recommend a local professional architect as part of its team or we can work with your architect. Our objective is to put together the best team of professionals for your project and to ensure that your building objectives are met.

“the quality and cost of our build was critical to us, however, our #1 reason why we would recommend Tamlin is their integrity…”   Patty Lee and Teresa Place – Gambier Island

Our clients are able to rely on our staff being up to date on all the latest building products and techniques.  Although Tamlin has many years’ experience in the construction industry we are also regularly updating our product knowledge. Our suppliers provide us with current building techniques and the newest product innovations. We regularly book seminars at our facility for our staff and sub-trades and also will send staff members on courses to update their skills.

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