Curb appeal, essentially “exterior” decorating, is a term you hear a lot in real estate.  What does the outside of the home look like?  How does it make you feel?  Is this “exterior” attention to detail necessary when you have a remote property that people don’t drive by?  I say YES absolutely.  Creating a feeling of serenity from the minute you step on to the property can add to the relaxing experience no matter where your house is located.

The owners of our award winning Gambier home have done just that.  From the moment you step off the tram that takes you from the dock to the house you start noticing the details starting with the welcome sign where the tram docks.  Walk around a garden that is designed to be both beautiful and fit in with the natural surroundings.  A few pops of colour in the form of outside furniture still fit in with the serene nature of the surroundings of home and out buildings.  Two large modern wooden sculptures adorn the patio again fitting in with the environment and the west coast contemporary home’s exterior western red cedar siding. 

The interior of this home does not disappoint with just as much attention to detail paid as to the exterior.  From the Gallery hallway, to the music room to the spectacular light fixture that is the focal point of the great room attention is paid to every detail. 

Many people have told us that this does not look like a “prefab” home, which is a great compliment to our design, manufacturing and build team.  Because of the difficulty getting to Gambier even more of the home was prefabricated that we normally would with things like the roof membrane being added to the SIP roof panels in the factory. 

Although this home has been finished for some time now we still get over to visit from time to time, so check the gallery for new photos.  On our last visit we had some four legged visitors just to add to the experience.

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