Over the years Tamlin has always tried to make its offices showplaces for the products that go into our prefabricated house packages and full builds. It allows our employees to work in beautiful timber frame offices and is an essential tool for our sales team to be able to go over products included in a Tamlin home with our clients. We have clients come to our head office in Coquitlam, British Columbia from all over the world. As we are a short drive north of the US Border, we constantly have clients from the USA coming to see what we have to offer. We have had clients visit from Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and many other states too.




It was with some excitement that earlier this year, Tamlin began work on a major renovation to the office space next to our head office – expanding the head office by another 3,000 square feet making the entire office 5,500 square feet in size. The purpose of this expansion was to provide more office space for our employees and growing business and to showcase more custom interior finishes and post and beam features for our clients to see first-hand.



The renovation has six new offices, a kitchen and a communal work space. The most spectacular feature is a 400 square foot conference room. The sliding patio door unit and multi stack door systems provided by our window supplier are the main features of the new boardroom area. This large multi purpose room was designed with the hope of eventually holding seminars and owner-builder workshops for our subtrades and clients alike.



It was important for us to complete the renovation in a timely manner and include as many different features and customizations as possible so we can give our clients the opportunity to experience these items, before deciding to include them in their dream homes.

We are excited to have past, present and future clients come to visit us in our new space.

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