As the building code in Canada has evolved, one key development is the ability for all new homes to become more energy efficient. Specifically in British Columbia, a new provincial standard called the BC Energy Step code was introduced. It has become increasingly important to design homes with energy efficiency in mind and many design items must be considered which include triple pane windows, exterior insulation, HRV heating/cooling systems, and building envelope/foundation upgrades.

Recently, Tamlin held a training workshop with our local ICF (insulated concrete forms) partner, Quad-Lock, to show us new advances in ICF technology. This hands-on session focused on ICF systems which can help you save on energy costs, increase structural integrity, and decrease construction time all while providing you with an insulated basement/crawl space.

Quad-Lock was established in 1994 and provided one of the first flat-wall ICF systems. They are one of the leaders in ICF design and construction with a state-of-the-art factory located in Surrey, BC. As a long-time partner-builder of ICF, Tamlin’s close relationship gives us a higher level of expertise in design, shipping, and installation of ICF systems. This is a huge advantage for our house package clients who may be building in remote locations.

Pictures above show John from Quad-Lock demonstrating the simplicity of putting a Quad-Lock ICF system in place.

One of our remote-build clients on Vancouver Island (a husband and wife team) were able to assemble their ICF basement foundation in 5 days! Pictures below show the ICF system fully installed on their site. 



Please see Quad-Lock’s entire step-by-step process on their website to see how it all comes together here.

For more information about ICF Technology and how it can be used in your home, please contact Tamlin at 604-553-7578 

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