Staging a Shipment On Site

You have worked with Tamlin to design your perfect home, the permits are done, the foundation is in and you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your pre-fabricated house package. Now what?

Staging your shipment.

Not everyone will have the room that the client did in the photo above to organize materials. No matter how much room you have planning the unloading of the trucks before they get to site is an important step in making sure everything goes smoothly and can save time and money when the trucks arrive. Most of the trucking companies that Tamlin uses allow 2 hours per truck unloading time and will charge waiting time after that, so the faster the trucks get unloaded and on their way the better.

Tamlin provides an integrated system of documentation for your shipment. Everything you have will refer back to your bill of materials and plans. The bill of materials will document every item on your shipment and where it belongs in your house. The loading report is created from the bill of materials to document where each of these items is on your shipment. You will see “cont # “ and “lift # “ boxes on the loading report. The container is the truck number and the lift number refers to the package number. You will use the loading report to check off your shipment and reference it in any communication you have regarding your shipment once it has arrived.

You will also receive a load plan for each truck that you are getting which shows where each package is located on the truck and once the truck is loaded you will receive photos of the truck as well.

It is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with these documents and photos prior to the trucks arriving on site. A Tamlin staff member will be happy to go through the documentation with you if you require assistance or have any questions. It will be much easier to direct the trucks and stage the shipment if you know which lifts are required first (example – floor system, wall panels, framing) and which can be stored for later (example – windows, doors, finishing material). Working to ensure that your job runs smoothly even after your house package has arrived is important to us.

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