What is a Monolithic Foundation Pour

Today we mono (monolithic) poured our Surrey Renovation project’s foundation. Check out these pictures! We had to use 2 pump trucks to span the 350′ from the point where the concrete truck could park and where the foundation is being placed. The reason for the long span is because there is a creek that runs through the property and the bridge over it is not big enough to accommodate a full concrete truck.

Monolithic pour, also called a one-pour system, it is a contrast with a two-pour system that requires the footings to be poured on one day and then the foundation walls poured on another. Monolithic definition in construction: a style of construction in which a building is carved, cast or excavated from a single piece of material.

Tamlin Homes - Surrey Mono foundation Pour (9)

One pump truck waiting behind the trees to the left. This is also where the concrete truck was sitting in front of the bridge it could not go over. The 1st pump truck pumped the concrete from the concrete truck to the second pump truck on the right, who then pumped it to the foundation location.

Tamlin Homes - Surrey Mono foundation Pour (27)

This is the the second pump truck reaching the hose into the farthest corner of the foundation.

Why do a Mono-Pour?

The reason for a mono pour in this situation was because of the long difficult span over a creek and over large trees. It made more sense to only get the pump trucks out once given the span the concrete had to go. With roughly 350′ between the concrete truck placement and the foundation location, setting up 2 pump trucks on 2 different days did not make a ton of sense. We are always looking for the logical and the most cost effective ways to build a home in the quickest amount of time. Not a lot of people enjoy living in a construction zone, so we try to minimize the disruption to our clients lifestyle.

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