Flush Mounted Joists

Some of the homes we build, have a system in them that allows the home to have almost no grade change when you exit the building. This is known as ‘flush mounted joists’. The main advantage of this system is to have little or no stairs as you exit the building. And this cannot usually be achieved with the 8” minimum distance required from the bottom of the walls to where the ground is.

What’s Involved?

It is a more complicated way of installing your sub floor system and takes some pre-planning when the foundation is placed.

When using an ICF system there are hangers that need to be attached to the foundation prior to pouring concrete. These Simpson hangers need to be placed into the concrete so that the floor joists have something to attach to. The hangers are placed anywhere the floor system will be attached.

Electrical conduit also has to be placed in several locations so that there are places for the lines to enter under the floor.

To find out more about this system, feel free to give us a call!

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