Gone Are The Days Of Using Microsoft Excel to Estimate Construction Projects!

Why Not Excel?

Although Excel used to be the go-to program for construction estimating and lots of companies still use it, Tamlin has moved from the old ways to a fantastic program called UDA Construction Suite.

A Bit About This Software:

  • Designed for growing construction firms, UDA ConstructionSuite™ combines the power of estimating and project management software with a construction specific CRM system to deliver the most comprehensive management system for construction professionals
  • This system lets you effortlessly coordinate estimates, contacts, schedules and financial information.
  • This powerful program has tools that can run reports for all aspects of a build instantly.
  • It has templates for all types of projects and can separate and report on the allowances and the fixed portions of your estimate and keep the project extremely organized throughout the duration of the build.
  • We have a team of project managers and coordinators that are expert in the use of UDA and are constantly inputting quotes, bills and invoices into the system for accounting purposes.
  • When considering a builder, ask them what programs they are using for their construction projects.
  • We are forward thinking and the use the right technology to stay in control of our projects at all times.

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