Why Is The Estimate Important?

The estimate is likely one of the most important aspects of the pre-build planning feasibility process. It is the foundation of the whole build. We will require an accurate estimate for the bank if you require financing and for you as a home owner if you do not require bank financing. For most people building a new home, there isn’t an unlimited amount of money for the build, there is usually a budget number that must be met. So the budget must be accurate and we must be accountable to stay within it. There is no reason to have a client come to us with a budget in mind (and in their bank account), and towards the end of the project, find out they are over that budget number. This does not create the great experience we are counted on to produce.

How Do We Estimate?

  • When it comes to estimates and the estimating process, all companies are not created equal.
  • Our operation and reputation is based on accurate and workable estimates.
  • When we estimate a new home build or renovation, we ensure that our budget number is complied of actual trade estimates and takeoffs.
  • We take your specifications and estimate them with our sub trades to come up with a very detailed and complete estimate.
  • Our estimating system in the UDA Construction Suite program is itemized down to all the screws and studs of the home and outlines a detailed picture of where we are in the project, both schedule wise and money wise right from the estimate to when you move in to your beautiful new home.
  • When your home builder knows where every dollar is, they can keep control of the project far more efficiently than a rough numbered budget and ‘best guess’ approach.

If you are looking to build a new home, give us a call for a comprehensive estimate 604-553-7578 or send us an email at [email protected]


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