Tamlin Process

Building Your Home – The Tamlin Process


  • When planning your new home, Tamlin provides you with a comprehensive and detailed outline of your project based on the information you provide.
  • We start by conducting an initial Building Code review to find out what we can build on your lot. We then visit your building site to understand your lot and its restrictions for designing and construction, specific to your property.
  • We also consult with you to ensure that your building project is affordable.


  • Tamlin has an experienced team of senior-level designers and project managers who have been with our company for over 10 years.
  • We can work with you, your architect (if you choose to use one) and your ideas to save time and money, planning your home for your current and future needs.
  • When you use our team, the major difference is that we manufacture, construct and create new methods to work with wood so we think of everything when it comes to designing your home.
  • Once you are satisfied with your plan, we develop all the materials and building specifications for interior and exterior design. This includes everything from your Douglas Fir post and beam features to your kitchen sinks and faucets.


  • Tamlin uses a software program called UDA Construction Suite. It runs reports in an instant, has templates for all types of projects and can separate and report on the allowances and fixed portions of your estimate.
  • All our project coordinators are experts in UDA and constantly input quotes, bills and invoices into the system during your home construction to keep your project organized and on-budget, throughout the duration of the build.

 Estimation and Budgeting

  • Our operation and reputation is based on accurate and workable estimates.
  • We take your specifications and acquire accurate estimates from our sub-trades to provide you with a detailed and complete budget.
  • Using the UDA Construction Suite program, we use the estimating system to track your project, schedule and make sure your estimated and actual costs are controlled at every stage of construction. By knowing where every dollar is budgeted and spent, we can efficiently control your project.

Permit Process

  • Once your detailed construction plans have been drawn, the next step is engineering. Tamlin works with several trusted and experienced senior engineers who understand our building techniques and can guarantee all structural and engineering requirements have been met.
  • Our designers understand the permit process. They ensure that all building code, bylaws and other zoning/compliance requirements are fulfilled. Coupled with your engineered plans, this process is typically seamless.
  • With a letter of authorization from you, we submit your plans to the permit department for approval. The process usually takes several weeks and will vary depending on time of year and municipality. We are proactive in communicating with permit departments on a professional level to move the plans to approval stage as quickly as possible.

 Time to Build!

  • The first thing we do prior to starting actual construction, is register your plan under the HPO (Home Protection Office) Warranty Insurance Program. Tamlin is a registered and licensed Vancouver and BC home builder with the Home Warranty Office.
  • We then take out the necessary Course of Construction insurance policies and file a Notice of Project to WorkSafeBC.
  • As soon as your permit is approved, we arrange for trusted sub trades to begin excavation, foundation, framing, building enclosure, HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms and final finishing. We typically construct an average-sized home in 8-10 months.
  • Tamlin may recommend the assistance of one of our experienced interior designers if you have not built a home before or would like assistance on design-related items. This often results in substantial time and cost savings due to the interior designer’s knowledge.
  • As we progress through the build, you will be kept up-to-date on financials, planning and upcoming stages of construction.
  • Before move-in may commence, Tamlin will obtain a Certificate of Occupancy signifying that all building construction inspections and professional requirements have been met.
  • Finally, Tamlin provides our Comprehensive Client Project Binder. This portfolio includes your complete building documentation, including all warranties, emergency contact information, sub trade references, everything down to your paint colours for all your future home care needs.
  • Now it’s move-in time!


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